Best World Ranking 18 and Asian Ranking 8 in Double Trap event at the age of 15 years

Born as a younger son of journalist parents Rajesh Kumar Sharma and Swati Sharma since his childhood Shapath was very energetic and bright. In almost everything he always followed elder brother Shrey , who is six year older to him . 

He had an affection for toy guns since his childhood, which grew stronger with passing time.At that time his parents had never
imagined that one day he would own a real gun and shooting from this gun he would shot to worldwide fame.
Surprisingly enough Shapath got the first medal of his life in his play school when he was only four year old and that was in hymn singing . He participated in every activity such as dance , drama , oration from play school to higher school and won many medals . He was also appointed as Assistant head boy of primary wing of St Mary's Academy in Meerut when he was in class V.

The thing which distinguished Shapath from others right from his early childhood was his desperation to win . He never wanted to loose even while playing gully cricket . Things however took a twist in his life when Shrey started Shotgun shooting . As hardly eight years of age Shapath wanted to accompany brother Shrey to the shooting range in Delhi . One day he managed to convince Shrey's coach Mr Sheikh to take him along. He was given a chance to shot a moving target of trap shooting and it was a bull's eye. Amazed coach could see a shooter in him. Since than he used to travel to Delhi at weekends with brother to fire those two-three shots as he could not be given a shotgun at such a tender age . 

Realising his love for shooting father parents decided to give him a chance . He was taken to district riffle association of Meerut office where Shapath was taught to handle the gun. 

Shapath started shotgun shooting with double trap event in the year 2013 at the age of 11. In the very first year he won a bronze medal in North zone . Thereafter in 2014 he became the state Champion of Uttarakhand in Junior category and won three medals. Shapath did not had either a gun of his own or the ammunition at that time . Neither was he professionally trained . But his talent and an eye to kill targets was spotted by former World Champion and a star of Double trap shooting Ranjon Sodhi.

Sodhi who is known as Shapath's mentor not only arranged for his training by Yogendra Pal Singh 'Yogi' but also gifted him some targets to kickstart his training . Since than there has been no stopping . Shapath made it to the junior double trap team of India in 2015 and than senior double trap team at the age of 15 , making it a national record . Shapath has won nine international medals including wordcup and worldchampionships .

He however have now changed his event to trap as double trap which he has been shooting has been removed from Olympic games .

His best world ranking was 18 and Asuan ranking 8 in Double Trap event at the age of 15 years

With Mr. Krishan Kant Paul (Former Governor of Uttarakhand)

With Mr. Harish Rawat (former chief minister uttarakhand)

With Mr. Narayan singh rana Former minister of Uttarakhand

With Mr. Getamber Anand (ATS Infrastructure Limited )

With Mr. Sujit Pandey (IPS officer)

With Mrs. Indira Hridayesh (Former minister Uttarakhand)

With Mr. Mahesh Kumar Sharma (former union minster)

With Ms. Manzil saini ( IPS officer )

With Mr. Pankaj Singh (MLA from Gautam Buddh Nagar)

With Mr. Venkaiah Naidu (Vice President) And Spiritual Sadhguru Sri Brahma

With Mr. Mohan Bhagwat (RSS chief)

With Mr. Brother Babu Varghese Principal of his school St Marys Academy of Meerut

With Mr. James Willet(World No.1 in Double Trap , Australia)

With Mr. Ankur Mittal (World No.1 in Double Trap)

With Mr. Khalid Alqabi , UAE

With Ms. Shagun Chowdhary (India's Ace Trap Shooter)

With Mr. Sangram Singh Dahiya And Mr. Ankur Mittal (India Team Member)

With Mr. James Dedman and Ylonen Mickey

With Mr. With Ronjan Sodhi (Former World Champion And Khel Ratna Reipient )

With Mr. I.M. Vijayan (Former Indian Football Team Captain )

With Mr. Viren Rasquinha (Former Hockey Team Captain And CEO of OGQ)

With OGQ's Mr. Anukul Bhardwaj And Mr. Yatin Bhatkar

With Dr Zeinia of OGQ

With OGQ Team And Athletes

With OGQ Team And Athletes

With OGQ Team And Athletes

With OGQ Team And Athletes

With Mr. Andrea Miotto (Italian Coach)

With Mr. Andrea Miotto (Italian Coach) and team

With Mr.Yogender Pal Singh(Yogi)

With Mr. Vikram Chopra(JR.Shortgun Coach)

With Mr. Marcello Dradi (Italy)

With Mr. Daniele Di Speigno (ITALY)

With Shotgun coach Mr. Mansher Singh

International Performance

S.N Year Place Name of Event Outcome Remark For More
1 28 Aug 2019 Todi (Italy) Italian Open Green Cup 3rd and won Cash award of 700 Euros Bronze Medal 3rd and won Cash award of 700 Euros Bronze Medal
2 2018 31 Aug to 15 Sept Changwon, Korea ISSF World Championship/ Grand Prix This was last international event of double trap. It was declared international grand prix for juniors because less entries
3 October 27, 2017 Dr Karni Singh Range, New Delhi ISSF World Cup Final 11th Rank World`s first athelete qualified for World Cup Final@ 15 Years. Athlete qualifies for playing World Cup Final from three World Cups played during the Year.
4 August 30 to Sept 11, 2017 Moscow, Russia ISSF World Championship , Shotgun Won Gold Medal( team)
5 August 16 to August 21, 2017 Porpetto,Italy ISSF Junior World Cup Won Bronze Medal 2nd Rank in Qualification Round. Only Athlete of 23 players contingent from India who won the Medal.
6 July 7 to July 16, 2017 Orimattila Finland 9th International Junior Shotgun Cup Gold Medal ( Team) Obtained 2nd rank in qualification round and finished 6th in Final
7 April 28 to May 8, 2017 Larnaka, Cyprus ISSF World Cup ( Seniors) 6th Rank World`s first athlete who qualified for playing final of Seniors at the age of 15. Topped 22 shots tie and secured 4th rank in Qualification round.
8 March 17 to 27, 2017 Acapulco, Mexico ISSF World Cup ( Seniors) Obtained 12th Rank Represented India in Senior category
9 Feb 2 to March 4, 2017 New Delhi, India ISSF World Cup ( Seniors) Obtained 10th Rank Represented India in Seniors Category
10 July 20 to July 25, 2016 Porpetto, Italy 8th International Jr Shotgun Cup & 13th International Grand Prix Gold Medal ( Individual) Gold Medal ( Team) Made new New National Record of Jr by scoring 139/150
11 July 24, 2016 Porpetto, Italy Champion of Champions Match Obtained 5th Rank Medalists of Jr World Cup and Grand Prix qualify to play the event.
12 May 22 to May 29, 2016 Orimattila, Finland 8th International Jr Shotgun Cup Silver medal ( Team)
13 April 29 to May 6, 2016 Suhl, Germany ISSF Jr World Cup 14th Rank First International Match of his career at the age of 14.